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In 1965 Leo Fender sold 'Fender' to CBS corporation. Leo, through his own company designed for Music Man guitars during the '70's creating some of the most sought after bass guitars ever made. In 1979, leo Fender joined forces with long time friend and former employee George Fullerton. George Fullerton while at Fender helped create the first mass-produced solid-body electric guitar know to the world as the Telecaster. George and Leo (G & L), went on to advance what they had both done at Fender and Music Man respectively and began to produce what Leo Fender described as "The best instruments I have ever made"At MWD we are proud to be the distributor for these fine instruments and we invite you to come and test drive the World acclaimed guitars and basses from the US factory in Fullerton, California and also the phenomenal Tribute series; one of the best value for money guitars on the market at the moment.

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