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Mooer guitar pedals are a fantastic addition to the growing interest in the micro pedal market. Don't be put off by the size when compared to conventional sized pedals. They may be small but manage to pack all the features of their larger counterparts into a smaller, more ergonomic design. Mooer's Fog Fuzz pedal, The Thunderball distortion and Micro Graphic Equalizers for guitar and bass are just a few examples of what Mooer have to offer. Small, compact and perfect for fitting extra effects onto your pedal board. These little guys are a must check out.

Mooer A7 Ambiance
AED 490.00
Out of Stock
Mooer Acoustikar
AED 295.00
Mooer Baby Tuner
AED 315.00
Mooer Blacknight
AED 450.00
Mooer Blues Mood
AED 285.00
Mooer Brown Sound 3
AED 450.00
Mooer CAli-MK3
AED 450.00
Mooer Cali-Dual
AED 450.00
Mooer D7 Delay
AED 490.00
Mooer Day Tripper
AED 450.00
Mooer E7 Synth
AED 490.00
Mooer Ensemble King
AED 315.00
Mooer Funky Monkey
AED 315.00
Mooer GE 100
AED 380.00
Mooer GE150
AED 800.00
Mooer GE200
AED 1.250.00
Mooer GE300
AED 3.045.00
Mooer Graphic B
AED 295.00
Mooer Green Mile
AED 255.00
Mooer Groove Loop
AED 430.00
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