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Blackstar HT Stage 60 2x12" 60 Watt Tube Combo

Blackstar HT Stage 60 2x12" 60 Watt Tube Combo

Two Continents of Tone in One Amp!
Blackstar HT Venue series amplifiers are truly inspiring to play. These astonishingly affordable amps and cabinets give you a boutique of tone-shaping options you can use to dial in the character and expression of your sound. The HT Stage 60 all-tube combo guitar amplifier sports a pair of EL34s, delivering 60 watts of balanced power to a pair of Celestion speakers. The HT Stage 60 also sports a pair of ECC83s and an ECC82 in the front end, which allows each of its three independent channels to boast impressive character, ranging from boutique clean to intensely overdriven.

The clean channel features a voice switch, which lets you select between a British Class A and a US dynamic clean tone. One of the coolest things about the HT Venue series is its Infinite Shape Feature (ISF) circuit, which allows you to dial the overdrive channels from extremely American-sounding to extremely British-sounding and anywhere in the middle. What's more, the overdrive channels also feature a voice switch, which selects between a more aggressive modern sound and a flatter classic sound. With all of these tone-shaping options, virtually no tone is out of reach, for the Blackstar HT Stage 60!

Blackstar HT Stage 60 Combo Guitar Amplifier Features at a Glance:
60W all-tube combo
2 x ECC83, 1 x ECC82, and 2 x EL34 tubes
3 x footswitchable channels
2 x 12" Celestion speakers
Enhanced tone controls
Patent-applied-for Infinite Shape Feature (ISF) allows for variable voicing controls
Clean voice switch
Overdrive 1 voice switch
Overdrive 2 voice switch
Presence, Resonance, and Master volume controls
Digital reverb with Dark/Bright switch
Speaker emulated output with 1 x 12 / 4 x 12 voicing
Effects loop with effects level switch
4-way footswitch included
Cool vintage styling
Weighs 66.8 lbs.
Dimensions of 28" x 23" x 11"

Get a Blackstar HT Stage 60 combo guitar amplifier, and unleash the floodgates of tone!

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