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Mooer Day Tripper

MOOER micro preamps are sonically accurate digital recreations of the preamp sections of popular tube amplifiers. We have developed these by directly analyzing real tube amplifiers using a brand new technology to capture their sound, dynamics and response. Each Micro Preamp comes complete with dual channels, integrated speaker cabinet simulation and dual operating modes to suit the needs of all users.

Initially we are releasing a set of 10 models, each based on a different popular tube amplifier from a range of manufacturers. These have been designed to be used with the upcoming MOOER power amp or in the effects return of any standard guitar amplifier. The speaker cab simulation allows the user to connect direct to a soundcard, powered monitor or P.A. without the need for a guitar amp or speaker cab at all.

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AED 450.00
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  • High quality dual channel preamp
  • Independent 3 band EQ, Gain and Volume controls for each channel
  • Speaker cabinet simulation on/off
  • 2 different modes for footswitch operation. On/Off or channel A/B
  • Day Tripper  - 60's UK Twang

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