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MXR M264 FET Driver Overdrive Pedal

Responsive FET Circuitry from MXR
The MXR M264 uses op-amp and FET stage circuitry to put tube amplifier tone and response at your feet. The guitar players here at Sweetwater love the all-analog nature of this responsive, rich pedal. Use the drive control to dial in just the right amount of amp-like distortion - from barely there to the wait-for-it crackle of a tube amp on the edge! The Hi/Lo EQ controls give you power to define the tonal path your sound will take and you can engage the high cut if you need a little warmth. True bypass and a roadworthy metal chassis make the MXR M264 FET driver pedal the one you need.

MXR M264 FET Driver Pedal at a Glance:
Tube tone without the temperament
Responds to your changes
Dunlop legacy and MXR
Tube tone without the temperament
The M264's unique, all-analog circuit design makes your pedal responsive and musical. With an op-amp gain stage that delivers your signal into a FET stage, you'll experience distortion and sustain usually native to pricey tube amplifiers. Being delicate and changing as they age, tube tone has at once always been desired and still sometimes more trouble than it's worth. This has driven the race to find an accurate digital model, but the race continues as most simply don't have the "tonal life" of the real deal. The M264 is here to answer your tube-tone-without-the-tube-amp needs!

Responds to your changes
Responsive and reactive, the M264 doesn't get lazy with your signal. Use the Output control to set your volume, dial in some crunch with the Drive, then tweak your new tone with the 2-band EQ. Got it? Now, turn up your guitar, feed the pedal a bit more signal, and let a whole new level of analog-goodness wash over your tone.

Dunlop legacy and MXR
Dunlop Manufacturing started in 1965 and, much like Sweetwater, is a family-owned and operated company. In 1972, Dunlop introduced the MXR pedals and quickly established themselves as pioneers in the guitar effects pedal market. Their continuing innovations are highly acclaimed, winning multiple awards with their Bass Innovations line and presenting the guitar-playing world with new classics like the Carbon Copy delay pedal. The MXR Custom Shop delivers you the classic MXR pedals made from original specs and gives you a touch of "boutique" with special runs of guitar effects pedals. Sweetwater is proud to partner with Dunlop to give you the best MXR has to offer!

MXR M264 FET Driver Pedal Features:
100% analog circuitry for tube tone without the tubes
Simple controls make dialing in the tone you want effortless
Rugged, all-metal chassis for years of pedalboard residence
Powered by 9-volt battery or optional power supply (not included)
Get the sound without the hassle with the MXR M264!
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