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Laney A1 Acoustic Guitar Amplifier


The A1 is a three channel amp, offering two channels of instruments and a channel dedicated to playback. The first instrument channel provides comprehensive EQ and functionality. The second is an optional instrument or microphone channel with a simple, more basic EQ. Finally the third channel is an RCA/Phono input that allows the plugging in of an external sound source _ iPod/CD or similar line level device.


Whilst small and lightweight, the A1, at 65 watts RMS, provides plenty of punch and volume through its custom Celestion 10" driver and a Hi frequency horn. All housed in a dual position cabinet which allows the user to lean the amplifier back into kick-back monitor position so the speaker points towards your face, in turn allowing for more direct monitoring at a lower level.


The A1 cabinet is also a tuned reflex cabinet and is dual ported; this means that the cabinet has ports in the rear of the unit that are optimised to enhance the low frequency response.

Channel 1 _ the dedicated instrument channel offers a single jack input, a pad switch and a four band active EQ offering Bass, sweepable Midrange, Treble and Brilliance. Also featured are a notch filter and phase reverse, along with variable compression which can be switched in or out _ one very nice feature is the twin LED's to indicate both "on" and "active" i.e. when the signal is actually being compressed. Finally a rotary Enhance control; this is more subtle and complex than a typical acoustic amp shape control.

Channel 2 _ the Mic channel is well equipped for its designed use, with a choice of XLR and high impedance jack input options, along with Volume and active Bass and Treble controls.

Channel 3 _ The CD input _ simply controlled by its own independent level control.

Both main channels also feature master mute switches.

Finally the front panel is rounded off by a master volume control and XLR DI out _ a useful addition for anyone wanting to record their performances or who needs to further amplify their sound directly into the PA.


The FX section comprises of 16 digital presets, arrayed on a rotary knob partnered by a level control and channel select buttons. There is something here for everyone _ a couple of reverbs (hall & room), four delays (from 250 _ 600ms) plus a multi tap, two rotary speaker simulations, a pair of flangers, a couple or choruses, an octave and a couple of stacked effects _ chorus with reverb and chorus with delay. All studio quality usable effects _ which all make for plenty of swirly room moments!

On the rear of the A1 Laney have housed an FX send and return loop, allowing external effects to be added as and when you choose. Also a tuner and headphone output jack adds functionality.


The EQ offers plenty of scope with the Hi frequency horn integrating the high end in a pleasing ear friendly way and the whole delivery of acoustic guitar tone is unforced and praiseworthily natural. The mic channel is flat and responsive reproducing vocal performances faithfully.

All in all the A1 is a gig ready package for the solo performer.
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