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Laney L50H 50W Tube Guitar Amp Head UK

Laney L50H 50W Tube Guitar Amp Head


Representing everything Laney has learned over the past forty years.
This Lionheart amp is the first 50W RMS parallel single-ended Class-A amp and the first to use five EL34 output tubes. Its progressive distortion produces a smooth, emotional response to a players touch. Its 5th order harmonic content makes it sound as sweet as any amp you can imagine, when you hit it hard. It uses ultra modern transformer technology to produce an amplifier that until today other manufactures have only dreamt about.
The L50H features a logically laid out, stylishly clean pre amp design. Featuring a twin channel layout with independent volume for each channel, a shared three band passive EQ, a bite switch, a global tone control and a Dynamics control. All housed in a stylish marine ply cabinet finished with blue tolex and tan front fret.

The Lionheart L50H's BITE control tightens up the bottom end giving a clean and clear punchy sound, whilst the tone control works in a similar fashion to the Tone controls on your guitar except that it works uniquely on the other end of the amplification chain. Giving you the ability to control not only the overall top end response but also reduce the upper end harmonics on the output stage and preamplifier overdrive sounds.
The Dynamics control allows you to control the Lionhearts low frequency response dialling clockwise gives a more extended low-end response. Dialling the Dynamics control counterclockwise tightens up the low-end response.

The L50H rear panel features an FX loop with Bypass/Insert/Side Chain operation modes with a level control, the footswitch socket as well as housing the Preamp Out/Power amp in sockets along with the speaker connections for 8 & 16 Ohm cabinets.
Each Lionheart L50H features a hand stamped "build number" in the order they came of the production line. Designed and manufactured in the UK.


  • Gold-plated PCB's and Jacks, Hi and Low gain inputs
  • Two channels
  • Dedicated Lionheart footswitch included
  • FX loop
  • Reverb
  • Three 12AX7 tubesFive EL34 tubes

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