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Ashdown Engineering is a British company that has made a big impact in a short time with the Ashdown Bass Amps. Just ask Nate Mendel of the Foo Fighters and Biffy Clyro who use their gear on stage at every gig. While focused on combos, stacks and cabs for the big bass tone they also make high-end acoustic amplifiers and effects pedals. Known for their reliability and ruggedness, Ashdown Bass Amps are great for transmitting crystal clear deep bass tones with amazing clarity. Based in Essex they design solid state amps with a goal of being lightweight gigging tools for bassists. Colossal power, matched by a feature set that means you don't have to haul a huge rig. Alongside this Ashdown continue to manufacture custom amps in the UK. Ashdown Bass Amps were first formed in London in 1997 and quickly rose to fame for producing bespoke hard-wired amplifiers that produced exceptional quality whilst retaining innovative design features that companies such as Fender were pumping out.
Ashdown AAA 120 15T
AED 1.884.75
Out of Stock
Ashdown AAA 30 8
AED 729.75
Out of Stock
Ashdown AAA 300 210T
AED 2.724.75
Out of Stock
Ashdown AAA 60 10T
AED 1.254.75
Out of Stock
Ashdown MIBASS Digital Audio Interface and Bass DI
AED 520.00 AED 312.00 (Save 40%)
Ashdown FS-ANT-200
AED 1.700.00 AED 1.360.00 (Save 20%)
Ashdown OriginAL-110 Ext Cabinet
AED 1.320.00 AED 1.056.00 (Save 20%)
Ashdown OriginAL C210-300
AED 3.145.00 AED 2.516.00 (Save 20%)
Ashdown OriginAL HD-1-500
AED 2.200.00 AED 1.760.00 (Save 20%)
Ashdown OriginAL HD-1
AED 1.825.00
Ashdown RM-112T-EVO II
AED 1.450.00
Ashdown RM 210T EVO II
AED 1.620.00
Ashdown RM-300-EVO II
AED 2.200.00
Ashdown RM-410 EVO II
AED 2.015.00
Ashdown RM-414 EVO II
AED 2.015.00
Ashdown RM-500-EVO II
AED 2.515.00
Ashdown RM-610T-EVO II
AED 3.395.00
Ashdown RM-800-EVO II
AED 2.895.00
Ashdown RM-C115T-500-EVO II
AED 3.750.00 AED 3.000.00 (Save 20%)
Ashdown RM-C210T-500-EVO II
AED 3.645.00 AED 2.916.00 (Save 20%)
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